Beginner’s Guide for Typically Developing Spouses

  • Do you feel that something very unusual is going on in your intimate
  • Are your instincts telling you that the problems in your relationship are
    much more complex than the problems other couples are dealing with?
  • Do you feel misunderstood or disbelieved when you share your concerns
    with other people?
  • Are you confused?
  • Do you suffer from physical, sexual, financial, emotional or psychological
    abuse in your intimate relationship?
  • Is communication a major obstacle in your relationship?
  • Does your intimate partner embarrass you in social contexts? Is he/she boring others with excessive details, being offensive, or disclosing private information? Is he/she very silent and avoidant, or on the contrary, does he/she tend to take over the conversation?
  • Does your intimate partner have a hard time showing empathy, being
    supportive or sharing feelings?
  • Do you suffer from emotional deprivation?
  • Does your intimate partner cling to routines and show inflexibility or
    extreme black and white thinking?
  • Does your intimate partner have obsessive tendencies or show extreme
  • Does your intimate partner indulge an exaggerated amount of time in
    work, in a special hobby or in a specific area of interest?
  • Does your intimate partner show complete loss of interest in sex, or on
    the other extreme, obsession about sex?
  • Did you experience unsuccessful couple therapy that left you with the feeling of being misunderstood?

If you answered ‘yes’ to most or all of these questions,
then there’s a good chance that you’re in a mixed-neurological marriage.

Dr. Pnina Arad

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