Things I Need to Tell my NT Daughter as She Grows Up

Guest Blog Post (Anonymous)

  1. Know what emotional and psychological abuse is, and maintain tight boundaries.
  2. Take relationships slow. Pay attention to behavior that seems “off,” confusing or inconsiderate. Do not make excuses for it.
  3. In a healthy relationship, conflict is normal and collaborative resolution is a reasonable expectation. Pay attention if you are always the one who has to smooth things over and “just forget about it.” If you express hurt, you can and should expect a non-defensive apology and concern from someone who claims to love you. If not, move on.
  4. Maintain your financial independence, no matter what. Do all that you can to earn your credentials and become established in a career that you can earn a living in.
  5. You should feel that you are sexually desired in your relationship. Pay attention to feeling rejected or marginalized because they are preoccupied with their own interests and rituals.
  6. Your partner should show at least equal initiative in the relationship. Pay attention if you are always the one suggesting and planning activities together and initiating intimacy.
  7. Autism is a genetically inherited neurological developmental disorder. Adults with autism will never fully mature. Because your dad and other family members have this condition, know that any children you have may also inherit the disorder.

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