About Anne


Anne Janai, M.L.A.
Clinical Psychology

Anne Janai has 21 years of personal experience with autism in marriage and 46 years personal experience with autism and close family relationships. She is a practicing consultant and coach who specializes in supporting typically developing spouses (aka “neurotypicals”) of people with intelligent high-functioning autism. She does not work with couples. She has extensive experience working with adults with autism and accepts clients with autism, particularly when they sincerely want help preventing divorce from becoming overly destructive.

As not everyone can afford one-on-one or group coaching, Anne has video coaching for typically developing partners available on Udemy. Those who need support and genuinely cannot afford the cost of her Udemy course can email Anne at anne@mixedneurological.com to request a coupon.

She has a master’s degree in clinical psychology from Harvard University. She received the director’s award for scholarship for her original research on the topic of mixed-neurological marriages, or marriages between typically developing people and people with autism.

Anne is committed to forwarding the public conversation about mixed-neurological marriages despite what she knows to be the many obstacles. Sex, marriage, families, children and relationships are always sensitive and difficult topics. Adding autism, the unique needs of people on the spectrum, and the unique needs of their typically developing spouses and children makes public discussion even more challenging.

Anne hopes for both support and pushback from the autism community and typically developing spouses. She believes that happiness and life satisfaction for all involved requires more discussion, more “looking hard subjects in the eye,” and less finger pointing and name calling.

Anne knows that everyone’s goal is fulfilling marriages and happy children despite neurological differences. She is an avid supporter of neurodiversity and both partners.