Divorce Services

Anne Janai
Anne Janai, MLA
Clinical Psychology

I offer personalized divorce services for partners managing neurodiverse ASD divorce.

The United States divorce court system does not do enough to protect families managing autism. As autism has a genetic component, many mixed-neurological couples are already managing the stress of autism in children. When mixed marriages fall apart, couples are thrust into a divorce system created with non-neurodiverse marriages in mind.

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Typically developing partners often worry about the harm that may come to children when the partner with autism is not aware of children’s perspectives and emotional needs during parenting time. Many partners with autism feel exploited and convinced that the only way to ensure the divorce is fair is to try to take all they can. Unethical attorneys fan the fuel of conflict for billable hours, often taking advantage of the couple’s inability to collaborate towards a win-win solution that will be good for the family as a whole.

Judges don’t understand high-functioning autism in adults and don’t understand what’s going on.

I can’t change the system to protect families and children, but I’m here to help you in your situation. I understand high-functioning autism. I understand what it means to be typically developing. I understand mixed-neurological divorce.

Some of my clients hire me for support during the very stressful divorce process. Many of my clients hire me because I cost less than their attorneys and because they feel time spent with me reduces the billable hours they spend trying to communicate with attorneys who don’t understand mixed-neurological divorce.

If you would like mixed-neurological divorce services, please use the Calandly app below to schedule a free 30-minute introductory call.