Personal Growth Coaching

My personal growth coaching is about supporting you as you journey towards finding connection and ease. Mixed-neurological relationships aren’t easy. My coaching program is about walking with you as you take steps towards finding a life that will bring you peace and a sense of connection with others.

I understand that many of you are alone, that you are not believed, and that many of the professionals working in this field don’t fully understand what is going on or how to really help.

Neurodiverse relationships aren’t easy and there are few (if any) solutions outside of personal growth. I focus my coaching on personal growth because I know that personal growth is achievable. I know that my clients can succeed at forwarding their own development.

I don’t take money for anything else because I am not convinced that I can help you achieve anything else. I don’t want to take your money to “help” you achieve something that may not be achievable.

But personal growth IS achievable. Connection IS achievable. Ease IS achievable.

I really really get this.

My rates are based on ability to pay, but my minimum fee is $70/hour. A majority of my clients choose to pay more because they know they can. If $70/hour is really what you can afford, I am happy to help. If you can’t afford $70/hour, please see my online course. Coupons are available. Please email me at for financial assistance. This information should be available to everyone who needs it.

If you would like to become a client, please:

I have a master’s in psychology — not a Ph.D. — and I’m a consultant and coach, not a therapist. I don’t take insurance. My clients generally feel the investment is well worth the money, but that’s a decision you have to make for you.

Much love,


If you are in need of therapy or a diagnosis of any kind, please contact your medical provider.